Visit to Berlin on a diplomatic mission

For our preparation for NMUN 2020, we went to Berlin on a diplomatic mission. Visiting the Argentine Embassy, the German Bundestag and more organizations in Berlin. Our delegate Fabian is reporting.

On the evening of the 17th of February, we arrived in Berlin and checked into the hostel. After the evening for our own disposal, we got up early the next morning and went to the German parliament. It took some waiting but finally we were seated in the big plenary. We heard an interesting talk about the history of the building and the structures of our government in general. After that we had the chance to talk to two employees of the parliament. They had some interesting insights into working in the parliament. In the end, we took the chance to go up to the roof of the building. This time the dome was open, we went to the top and had a wonderful view over Berlin.

After a quick lunch we headed directly to the Argentine Embassy. As we get to represent the Argentine Republic in New York, we were very honoured to get to speak to a real-life Argentine diplomat. The Embassy was a floor of an unassuming building in the middle of Berlin. We got to spend two hours with Martín Suaya, who was very nice and answered all our questions we provided before the trip. He told us with lots of information and gave us a very deep insight into the Argentine way of thinking.

In the evening we enjoyed an Argentine meal together in a small restaurant. It was a great adventure with a rather unusual kind of food for us.

On Wednesday we checked out and went to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The gentleman talking to us was an expert on Argentine-related topics. He was able to explain certain aspects of the Argentine Republic from an external point of view and even had some advice for our upcoming conference.

Our last station in Berlin was the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. We arrived in the early afternoon and had a very nice talk to the Lady who is responsible for the Latin American countries. She gave us, in addition to the other conversation, some more neutral insights of the Argentine way of live.

After this conversation we started the journey home, after 2 very eventful and instructive days.