BlankMUN 2018: First conference for the delegation

From the 14th to 16th of December the delegates were attending the BlankMUN 2018 at the castle of Blankenheim. Betül was one of two head delegates and is reporting about these exciting first steps. 

After our successful project “Model United Nations in Classroom” our delegates got their first impressions and were ready to collect experience in their first conference.

Our delegates and our fellow delegates from the University of Trier were ambassadors of the Economic and Social Council where they decided to discuss the topic “Investing in Sustainable Energy for Rural Areas”.

As one of our supporting head delegates, I was highly satisfied with the outcome of the conference. During the sessions our delegation has deepened their communicational skills by discussing the topic with their fellow delegates and by holding speeches as well as their writing skills especially during the informal sessions regarding the resolution writing.

It was also a great opportunity to train the procedural rules of a session and to improve their diplomatic behavior. As a head delegate I know that the whole process is not necessarily the easiest journey but the more time our delegation spent the more they got confident which I appreciate.

However, we know that after the conference is before the conference. Therefore, we still have a lot to do before the final conference in New York. That’s why we will put our whole energy in the development of our skills.

We are looking forward to meeting our fellow delegates from Trier as well as new delegations at the German Model United Nations 2019.

I just want to say again: Well done delegates! I am proud of you all!