MUNIC II conference was working on combating child labour

The second MUNIC conference was a big success for all those who participated. About 100 students from different schools or even nations joined the event, to negotiate on the topic of fighting child labour in post conflict zones. A lot of guests were joining the conference to get an own experience of the hard work of the students during the day.

No doubts – already the first Model United Nations in Classroom conference earlier in 2017 was a big success, which was highlighted by the students who participated and their teachers as well. So it wasn’t a big surprise that at the second conference this year the number of delegates was rising intense.

At the 30th of November 2017 about 100 students joined this conference at the Kreishaus Recklinghausen. 6 local and near-by schools were present as well students from Latvia and Poland, who got interest on this project of political importance during the year.

At this time the well-prepared youth were discussing on the topic “Combating child labour in post conflict or disaster zones”. Each of the delegates were representing another member state of the United Nations General Assembly. To stay into character and behave diplomatic was as important as a high-quality knowledge on the topic and the possibilites that the United Nations has to make a standing in a adopted resolution at the end of the day.

The president of the Westfälische Hochschule, Dr. Bernd Kriegesmann, which was supporting this school project, was highlighting the importance of the work of the UN in this days. A principle that all delegates were aware of during the long day, with a lot of work and fruitful debates. “Bring nations together rather than causing trouble” – another notice everyone was working on.

“Every student, who came, has changed a normal school day to join this conference”, Prof. Dr. Andreas Müglich said. He is chief administrator of the MUNIC project, that took its start during 2016.

After hours of work a resolution was finally adopted by acclamation by the members states. During the closing ceremony, Larissa Weiß is highlighting her enthusiasm on this project: “Do it with passion or not at all!” She was joining the National Model United Nations conference in New York for several times. Right now she is doing a internship at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva.

Prof. Dr. Müglich does know best: “After this hard work, you have the right to celebrate your success!” So all delegates and guests came together in the evening in the Ratskeller Recklinghausen, to listen to a live band and had snacks and drinks. Like the whole project this evening was sponsored by the Sparkasse Recklinghausen.