About 100 students will take part at second MUNIC conference

The “Model United Nations in Classroom” project is going into is second conference at the end of November. Due to the great success in the last year, additional schools will join the project and students from Poland and Latvia will give a more international touch to the simulation.

The Model United Nations in Classroom project was established in 2016 in Recklinghausen. Last year students from two secondary schools participated in the conference which was hold at the Kreishaus Recklinghausen. Due to this successful day the conference will go into a second round at Friday, 30th of November 2017, again at the Kreishaus.

After different meetings for preparations, it is the duty for all students to do their best during this final conference. This year about 100 students will take part on that day. The schools Hittorf and Petrinum will again join the conference, as they did last year. Because of the political importance of this project, this year the Freiherr vom Stein Gymnasium, Kunniberg-Kolleg, Max-Born-Berufskolleg and the Städtisches Gymnasium Herten will join the MUNIC conference for the first time as well.

The conference will get a little more international, as students from Poland and Latvia will join the German students in the Kreishaus Recklinghaus. Those both groups were thrilled for the UN simulation through the partnership Wodzislaw (Poland) and the project “Diversity connects” (Latvia).

It will be easy for them to work together with the German participates because the conference will be hold in English as it is the rule for Model United Nations simulations.

The deputy district administrator Harald Nübel will be present on this day, as well as the president of the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Dr. Bernd Kriegesmann. Last named will open the conference day with a special speech which will be held in English language.

The event is still sponsored by the Sparkasse Recklinghausen. They are organizing a delegates dance for the end of the day at the Ratskeller. Prof. Dr. Andreas Müglich, who is the head of the MUNIC project this year again, is strengthening the importance of this evening event: “Those who are working hard, have the right to party!”

Schedule MUNIC conference day 2017/11/30