NMUN 2019 delegation will represent the Islamic Republic of Iran ??

The delegation from the Westphalian University is preparing since summer for the National Model United Nations conference 2019 in New York City. Due to a convincingly motivation letter they were assigned to represent the Islamic Republic of Iran next year in Manhattan.

The students will work on that demanding task together with students from the Kobe City University for foreign studies as our University did in the last years. The whole delegation is looking forward to the international conference and the students are confident that their hard work will be fruitful again to tie on last conferences’ successes.

Before their flights will take off to the Big Apple, they will train their diplomatic skills at Blankenheim in early December and later at the German Model United Nations, which will take place in Straußberg (near Berlin) in early 2019.

At the official NMUN 2019 webpage you can find all delegations and there represented member states (conference A).