Strengthening self-confidence at GerMUN 2017

From 24th to 27th of February the delegates were participating at the German Model United Nations 2017 conference in the town of Straußberg, near Berlin. For 4 days and in 3 committees they were focusing on representing their assigned country and its political intentions.

Besides that it was a welcomed training only a few weeks before the NMUN conference in New York City takes place. Our delegate Giulia had the honour to represent Italia in the SC. An experience that had improved her skills, as she told afterwards.

At this conference we met several other delegates from Erfurt, Magdeburg, Munich and Trier. We had the opportunity to practice and strengthen our skills for NMUN, such as holding speeches, writing resolutions or acting diplomatically.

After the opening ceremony, where the organizer welcomed the delegates and introduced the chairs of the three committees we started with our session. I had the honor to represent Italy in the Security Council. The topic, we decided to discuss in the Security Council were Threats to International Peace and Security by Terrorist Acts. We were a small group of thirteen delegates in the Security Council. Due to that we were able to discuss the topic in an open dialogue and to talk to every member of the Security Council during informal session. Furthermore we had the chance to hold several speeches while formal session. The positive and peaceful atmosphere in our council encouraged all of us to work cooperatively.

At the beginning of this conference I was very nervous about holding a speech in front of the other delegates and talking to them during informal session. But the second day showed me, that I can manage my nervousness and I was motivated to talk more often to the other delegates.

The experiences I made at the conference in Strausberg motivates me to step up to the delegates during informal session at NMUN in New York and holding more speeches cause at GerMUN I realized, that I don’t have to be so nervous in front of the other delegates. I am looking forward to meet all the other students in New York and work together with them.

We also had the pleasure to have some fun and to talk to the delegates from the other two committees at the Delegates Dance. I am looking forward to see them again in New York.

Text: Dascoli | Fotos: Müglich, Beck, Weiß, Grube